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If anyone cares

2010-11-30 18:23:08 by Monster13

New account
Better songs
More frequently updated

If anyone cares

My music

2009-10-28 17:40:10 by Monster13

Regarding my music.

Most my new stuff is going to be very well made. Most the songs I have uploaded are from A while ago since I made this newground's account. If you go by date you can obviously see my progression. I still am learning more and more techniques for producing music.

The date in which my songs come out are completely random. I don't sit down on my computer one day and decide to make a song. I open fl studio every once and a while and mess around. If I hit a good beat or melody I build upon it until its finished.

basically I made this because of a few messages. Don't hate because of my older songs =D

also check out haywire, hes a beast.

p.s. picture that sorta inspired lucid

My music

Most amazing musician ever

2009-10-11 02:33:04 by Monster13

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He might not be the greatest musician on the planet, non the less, he has amazing talent and my respect.

Buy his cd here. re